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Horsemill (Hobuveski)

The Horsemill is a very special building in the whole of Estonia.

Visitors can experience a unique place that shows them historical relics. It has artistic stones that used to belong to buildings and have found their way here atfer the March bomming. It also has artifacts from the Tallinn Town Hall building.

The Horsemill in the end of Lai Street near Oleviste Church and the town wall is itself a round cellerd two storeid limestone building with a 16 meters diameter. The basement of the building is covered with a wooden ceiling, the first floor has no ceiling, it goes up to the roof.

There are two gaites and small triangular windows on the first floor.

The mill was first mentioned in the year 1379. It was initially used to make flour when the town was under siege or when the watermills did not work due to lack of water. The mechanism of the mill was made to work with eight horses, who walked around the mill in pairs which is most probably  also the reason of the buildings round shape. By now it has not been used to make flour for about 200 years.

In the beginning the  building had a sharp stone ceiling which was still preserved in the 17th century and can be seen on the engravings from that time. In the end of the 16th century a extra builing was added to the mills westside and it is still preserved today. At the moment is houses a caffe. In 1741 the mill was given to the military as a storage place. The buildings wooden construction with the mills mechanisms were destroeyd in the 1757 Oleviste Church fire. In 1772 the mill was rebuilt and is still preseved in the same way up to now.

In the Estonian Liberty War it was the place where people were handed out guns to protect their homeland

At the moment the Horsemill is used for theatrical events and other performances.There are very many popular sightseeying places near the Horsemill, for example the Paks Margareeta (Fat Margareth) cannontower, the Three Sisters, Oleviste Church, a very well preserved merchants house in Lai Street 23, Greek Catholic Church, Köismäe defence tower and the other Town Wall towers. It is also near one of the most exiting Old Town streets, Laboratooriumi (Laboratory) street, which has many Town Wall towers that are very well preserved on the outside and inside.