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“Square of Towers”

 During the guided performance the participants will be visiting one of the towers of the city wall.

 The tour guide, who will be wearing a costume, is going to tell stories about the city wall and about mercenaries. All participants will also get the opportunity to hammer their own lucky coin. The cleverest of the participants will receive a gift and everyone will have a taste of herbal liquor made according to an old recipe.

After the tour, participants have the opportunity to take a walk around the Tallinn flower festival.


 The price for one person is €18.- while the minimum total cost for the whole performance is €540.-


The price includes:

·         Entrance fee to Köismäe tower

·         A lucky coin for every participant

·         A taste of herbal liquor for every participant

·         A gift for one of the participants

·         Guide services

·         Other expenses, VAT, commission fees etc.

The tour can start at Laboratooriumi st. 27 

The performance lasts around 30-40 minutes.

Reservations are made from the following address



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“Square of Towers”
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